Sunday 24 March 2013

Laurel Canyons - Youth Blood

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Laurel Canyons. It's a name that will already have you predicting what sounds to expect from this quartet. Luscious harmony-laden Americana maybe? The odd thing is that this lot used to be called the less suggestive name Fear Of Olive, and that's possibly better suited to their music, which may take a certain amount of inspiration from artists of the famed Laurel Canyon scene of the 1970s, but is more in line with current US alt-rock and indie bands; the ones who also borrow from the past. Oh, and these guys are from Yorkshire by the way.

They come with Richard Hawley's stamp of approval (something which is great for them, but they're probably already getting sick of reading about in every review) and they also come with a storming debut single in 'Youth Blood', taken from their album which we can expect in the summer. It's just purely a good song; nothing fancy, nothing groundbreaking and nothing difficult to grasp. A high quality piece of indie-rock that has a hint of The Waterboys to it on occasion and will hopefully spread like wildfire. Laurel Canyons are a band worth hearing.

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