Sunday 24 March 2013

Bronze Medalists - Empire

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Not the most optimistic of band names is it, Bronze Medalists? Mind you, if you take the music world to be like the Olympics then any medal is surely a good thing, so perhaps going for bronze isn't so bad after all. This quartet formed in London last year and have done alright for themselves so far, touring quite extensively and getting the odd festival spot as well as some decent radio play. 'Empire' is a single taken from their recent EP of the same name, and no, it's not a nod to Kasabian, the song was originally going to be called 'New York' (which of course is the Empire state).

It's no ode to a city they love either, rather the story of a lover who disappears across the Atlantic; so essentially it's a tale of potential lost love done in a slightly different way. Musically it's an interesting contrast of dark and light. The music sounds very ominous, yet the song is uptempo and the melody is catchy pop, so the message could pass you by on a casual listen. We're looking at another indie/electro band then, but one embracing the more sinister side of sound. It's maybe not worthy of a medal yet, but they're through to the next round.

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