Saturday 30 March 2013

FVNERALS - The Hours

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I wonder if Brighton's FVNERALS are annoyed with being compared to/mixed up with Scottish band Chvrches yet? Both have employed the same tactic to avoid getting lost in a swap of unsuitable matches when looking up their name on a search engine, and a funeral usually takes place in a church. Stylistically they're quite far apart though, you can hear some lively and upbeat electro-pop from the Glasgow duo here if you want to compare. These slow, dark, spooky songs on this new release from FVNERALS definitely have the feel of a dirge to them, but that needn't be a bad thing.

Lead track here, 'The Hours', is a slow, twanging plod with vocals that almost feel detached and are smothered so much by the sound that they almost become another instrument rather than a series of words, much is indecipherable. In terms of setting an atmosphere though, this is hard to beat. Whether it's the atmosphere you're after will be down to personal preference, but they do it well. 'The Woods' is twice as long and nearly twice as slow, really pushing that feeling of stark desolation. Here the lyrics, again muffled, act as a mild pick-me-up for the song and lighten the load somewhat, yet these guys remain a little unsettling.

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