Saturday 23 March 2013

Brockley Forest - Brockley Forest EP

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I remember having a conversation a while back about why a band were singing about broccoli in one of their songs, only to be told it was in fact "Brockley". I wonder if this Bristolian duo have ever had the same problem? A forest of broccoli would certainly look impressive, and it does kind of look like small trees. Anyway, to the matter in hand; the eponymous debut EP by Brockley Forest, a set of raucous blues-rock songs and an apparent evolution, as one early review appears to refer to them as comprising of acoustic guitar and drums. 'Brockley Forest' is very much electric and in keeping with the work of other blues-rock duos, only maybe a little dirtier, maybe a little more lo-fi.

It's this rawness that gives songs like 'Love and Cream' that extra kick that's needed to help them stand out in a crowded area of guitar music. It's a highlight here and one of the more blues-based tunes. Final track 'Only One Survived' is also full of the blues, making this an EP that improves from start to finish. That's not to say the start is bad, 'Out Of Control' is a good tune, if a little similar to other bands of this nature, the slide guitar adds a nice touch to the gritty 'Say My Name' and 'Gave It Away' offers a well produced (in a lo-fi way) example of how you can make guitar drums and vocals add up to more than the sum of their parts would suggest. All in all this is a pretty decent opening gambit.

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Wed, 3/4/13.  Bristol England, The Fleece.  Supporting 'Bob log iii'
Sat, 13/4/13. Backwell, With Those Crazy Horses

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