Thursday 28 March 2013

Half Hour Hotel - Run From Sirens/Another Life

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Poor old British indie-rock. It's had a bad name for a while now thanks to the post-Oasis infiltration of lad bands that continued well into the 00s, and then Viva Brother came along to try and revive it, only to metaphorically piss on its rotting corpse. Yet somehow The Stereophonics managed to have a top 10 album this year, and they were one of the worst of the lot. Brighton's Half Hour Hotel are unashamedly in this category, the difference being they shun the bravado and big coats in favour of breathing life into the genre using good songs.

Their new double A-side single contains two good songs, but due to market conditions it will probably barely register, and that's a bit of a shame. 'Run From Sirens' is a big tune, it sounds like they're aiming for it to be heard in bigger venues than the Dog & Duck down the road. It's indie, it's rock, it's got a strong male vocal and a massive chorus with lots of guitars; an instant turn off for some, although it needn't be in this case. Second track 'Another Life' is more likely to find favour with the indie masses, it's a slow-building epic that deserves more acknowledgment than it will likely get. But should the musical cycle turn back to these kind of guitar tunes then Half Hour Hotel will be ready and waiting.

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