Thursday, 14 March 2013

Jaws - Friend Like You

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We keep getting told that Birmingham's the place to be for new music right now, especially if you favour guitars being involved. Next month Jaws will be releasing the 'Milkshake' EP which collects together all their singles so far, along with a new track. So a handy introduction package if you're new to them like we are. Naturally they've played gigs with fellow Midlands bands Peace and Swim Deep, but on the basis of this rather good single they'll soon be the ones doing the headlining. They've been described as a garage band, but new single 'Friend Like You' suggests otherwise.

They may well rehearse in a garage, but musically they're closer to dreamy shoegaze, almost standing in the mid point between Peace and Swim Deep, and like both of those bands, we like this sound very much. It has a lazy feel, not as in sloppy, more relaxed and unhurried. The guitars twinkle and chime which adds a slightly magical feel to things. It's a proper grower by the way, so if you like it first off, you'll love it in a few plays time. Those headline grabbing bands from the Birmingham scene had better watch their backs, because Jaws are biting at their heels.

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