Friday 29 March 2013

The Almighty Rhombus - The Almighty Rhombus EP

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The Almighty Rhombus cut straight to the chase by informing us that where they're from they're considered a supergroup, having all been members of other bands of note from that area in the past. They also point out that that area is Sudbury, Ontario, and that outside Sudbury they're virtually unknown. We (me in particular, Sudbury is a comparative metropolis!) have no qualms about them being considered by some to be heroes of their local scene, and maybe their reach will begin to spread a little further. They have a decent EP in this eponymous effort, and it's better than most local heroes we hear from.

Yeah they're a guitar band who sound a bit like a bunch of other guitar bands (mainly US indie bands of the late 90s) but the tunes are good and the production is too. Organ and guitars do battle on the powerpop opener 'She Didn't Want Me' and they continue in a similar vein for much of the rest, without getting too repetitive. The melodies may be simple but they're effective, therefore ensuring that one of the fundamental aspects of their genre is catered for. 'Ocean Floor' and 'Honest Liar' being good examples. The buzzy 'Even Though' is a definite highlight, all one-and-a-half minutes of it. We think Sudbury can consider itself proud and the local council should be getting the Canadian equivalent of blue plaques ready.

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