Thursday 28 March 2013

Band To Check Out: The Milk Race

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Remember a few days ago when we mentioned that there seemed to be a "disproportionately large" number of bands with the word "milk" in their name doing the rounds at the moment? Well then, as if by magic, we hear about Cardiff's The Milk Race, the latest to accidentally jump on this bandwagon (or bandfloat?). They're made up of former members of Mo*Ho*Bish*O*Pi, The Martini Henry Rifles and The IK+ (we can only remember the first two of those sorry guys!). They've already picked up the support of Welsh radio and press and released a debut EP, now it's time to tackle the audiences a bit further afield.

They're in a good position to do so, as much like a couple of those other lactic-related bands, The Milk Race are intent on creating an uproar and aiming for the dead centre-point between modern punk and grunge revivalists, a scene that's still just bubbling under, waiting to take on the mainstream. We haven't heard the band who will make that transition just yet, but when the flood gates open you can expect this lot to be leading the charge for the more alternative side of the pack; we can't see them compromising their sound to pander to radio or label pressure, and that can only be a good thing.

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