Thursday 21 March 2013

The Hubbards - Dog Bite

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We're left to assume that, as their manager has the surname Hubbard and isn't a member of the band, all of this Yorkshire quartet use the surname Hubbard, probably in a similar way to The Ramones did. They only list first names on their Facebook page. The similarity to The Ramones ends there though, as The Hubbards aren't punk by any stretch of the imagination, nor are they in any way seminal or particularly original. In fact you could describe them as a conventional indie/rock quartet who write big-hitting songs aimed at a crossover audience.

So taking them for what they are, we can't argue that 'Dog Bite' does anything other than fulfill its purpose to a high standard. These guys have already caught the attention of Radio 1 and, depending on the rest of the songs they have in store, most certainly have the right credentials to break loose from the indie scene and on to bigger stages. 'Dog Bite' is a likable song in that respect and if they were a well known band already then it would probably be a big hit. But first they need to make that breakthrough; have that hit, get that airtime and worm their way into public consciousness. If they can do that then we can expect to be hearing a lot more of them.

The Hubbards' website

'Dog Bite' will be available March 25th from Bandcamp

Catch them live:

The Hubbards @ Tofts, Hull
Friday, March 29, 2013, Tofts, Kingston upon Hull
The Hubbards @ The Workshop, London,
Saturday, March 30, 2013, Roadtrip & The Workshop, London

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