Friday 29 March 2013

Mayors Of Miyazaki - Human Resources

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Math-punk anyone? We weren't aware that the world of math-rock had spread its wings to different genres, especially not with this kind of intensity. It sounds like you'd have to be pretty on the ball to be able to play this live, making it through a show must involve blisters, sweat and possibly blood, but it will give you body a good sonic pummelling and you'd probably need a few days to let the buzzing and vibrating calm down. Mayors Of Miyasaki are from London and this is their debut track, produced by Harvey Birrell (Fugazi) and will be on their debut album 'Holy Cop' which due out in June.

They don't even make it the the one-and-a-half minute mark here, although if you played it at 33 instead of 45 it would probably still make perfect sense at a slower speed, such is the vigour with which they attack this song. It's a total beast that sounds a bit like the soundtrack to your worst nightmare and has come along to devour the rest of the music scene like some advanced mutant rock band from another planet. If the album follows suit then it could make an impact the size of a meteor crater. Be afraid. be very afraid.

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