Saturday 23 March 2013

The Flight - What A Waste

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There's a little mystery surrounding this one. The Flight are a London production duo who thus far have concentrated on writing and producing for other artists, as is actual famous ones that even you mum might know. But they're keeping tight-lipped over exactly who these artists are. Their debut EP 'Hangman' is out now and 'What A Waste' is the lead track. And a source of more mystery, plus a little guesswork. This track features an unnamed guest vocalist, and we're assuming this is going to be someone reasonably well known. If it was a smaller artist they might be given credits to boost their publicity. The lack of a face to the voice suggests The Flight want this song to not be overshadowed by its contributor.

Naturally a lot of the focus of this song is on the production, and the mood it creates is very current; this song is very "now". A slow-paced and moody affair, it recalls Esben & The Witch and maybe even The xx if they were given a witch-house remix. It's carried by deep, slow, tribal beats and guitar work but is given an injection of life half way through when more sounds are layered and the beat and guitars come to the fore. It's almost post-rock in nature, but in more electronic terms. Perhaps this is post-witch-house. That vocalist is doing our heads in though. So familiar, yet we can't quite pinpoint it. There's a touch of Sigur Ros but it's not them. Must. Resist. Google.

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