Monday 25 March 2013

Pixel Fix - Lake

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The video for this single is fascinating, showing what appears to be some kind of tribal ritual in a near desert-like location and involving scorpions, bows and arrows and primitive methods for lighting fire. We wish we had more info on it to be quite honest, but I guess that's why God invented the internet search engine. 'Lake' is new from Oxford's Pixel Fix and is the follow-up to the rather good 'Rosa' which we sang the praises of not long ago. This is nothing like as eclectic as that song, but perhaps overall it's more enjoyable.

We're looking at more conventional indie here, but with a dusting of experimentation over the top. 'Lake' begins as though it's going to develop into a math-rock tune, maybe reminiscent of their neighbours Foals (or how they used to be at least), but when the wonderful chorus kicks in things head skywards and we're into almost shoegaze territory; it has a definite epic feel to it and dwafs the rest of the song. When it breaks down into more of those math-rock guitars towards the end you begin to wonder how an album by Pixel Fix might sound. We're thinking eclectic, and we're hoping it's not too far away.

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