Friday 29 March 2013

Fear Of Men - Seer

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We've known about Brighton's Fear Of Men for a year or two now, picking up on early single 'Mosaic', but in the US word has, naturally, taken a little longer to spread. Last month, Kanine Records released the album 'Early Fragments' which compiles the bands early singles and EPs, along with 'Doldrums' and 'Seer' (which as far as we know are new tracks). To accompany the release they've also made this unusual video which appears to be a mixture of Pagan ritual, industrial wasteland and beekeeping. "You make no sense at all" they sing. Quite.

The song, of course, is stunningly pretty and a little more downbeat than some of their tracks, entering into the world of dreampop with incredible skill. The vocals are lovely and the haze of the video is mirrored in the song. With the alternative world still, rightly, going mad for this kind of thing at the moment, Fear Of Men have every chance of becoming a word-of-mouth success. The album is available in the UK too, and we believe a debut album proper is planned for later in the year. It should be worth getting excited about.

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