Friday 29 March 2013

Saturday Looks Good To Me - Invisible Friend

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Do you like your indie-type music to be poppy and more sparkly than a whole forest of Christmas trees? We should have drawn out one of those charts here. If "No" --> bugger off then. If "yes" --> you'll flipping live this! Michigan band Saturday Looks Good To Me will be releasing their new album 'One Kiss Ends It All' through Polyvinyl Records at the end of May and are streaming new track 'Invisible Friend' to give us a clue as to what direction they're headed in this time. They have been known to chop and change in the past, but we find them in breezy form here.

The guitars shimmer and the piano chimes, and then the tambourines rattle and the melody bounces around the walls like it's full of a mixture of helium and Red Bull. Yeah you could possibly use the word twee if you wanted, I think we're all getting fed up with that being used in a disparaging way by now. This is twee and poppy and sugary and summery and full of all those cliches, but these terms only become cliches because they're used so much, and they're only used so much because so many people are covering music that fits this description. And the reason for that is because so much of it is as good as this. That all makes sense, yeah? Grand.

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