Wednesday 20 March 2013

PREMIERE: Documenta - Gentle's Yard (David Holmes Remix)

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We were so impressed with Belfast band Documenta's recent album 'Dronepop #2' that it finished in the top five of our albums of 2012 list. Fans of psychedelia, drones and space-rock need to get their listening gear around that record if they haven't already. There's plenty more news from the Documenta camp though; later this year they will be heading into the studio to lay down some new material, along with reworkings of a couple of tracks from the 'Dronepop #1' album which we can expect to hear around November/December time.

If you're hungry for more already, then we're pleased to be able to premier the David Holmes remix of recent album highlight 'Gentle's Yard'. The production legend has kept the tempo high and slapped a ticking krautrock beat over the top, preserving the soul of the song whilst giving it a new style with the subtle tweaks of a master rather than the ham-fisted overhaul of a novice. How did this come about? They met at a gig, Holmes was handed a copy of 'Dronepop #2' and upon listening to it he immediately offered to remix a track. We have to say the man has a fine taste and has served up a neat new interpretation.

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