Monday 18 March 2013

Defne - Gentle Persuasion EP

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The term "bedroom producer" is beginning to strike fear in our hearts each time we hear it. Almost invariably it's some teenage bloke who's got some electronic beats going and is covering them in some random synth noises, probably while singing about the same boring subjects, if you can decipher any of the lyrics of course. They'll call themselves "chillwave", we'll not call them back. 18-year-old Defne is a bedroom music-maker from Ontario. She covers most things herself with a little assistance from a friend on tambourine and organ. The music she makes doesn't involve programmed beats of electronic sounds. This is a huge relief.

We all know that lo-fi can be both good or bad, as can heavy production. There's no arguing here that the four songs on her debut EP 'Gentle Persuasion' are lo-fi, and in this instance it works. Nothing much is clear at all and it's like listening to music being played down one of those two-yogurt-pots-and-a-piece-of-string primitive phone devices. Either that or some very basic Mazzy Star demos. But it works; it doesn't feel normal and that causes your brain to disengage from reality somewhat, giving a pleasant feeling. There's no great variation in the songs but there doesn't need to be. It would be interesting to see what happened if she set foot in a studio though.

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