Monday 18 March 2013

Josh Savage - Mountains In Hurricanes EP

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If you're going to be a guy writing songs with an acoustic guitar in the current climate then you're going to have to have something different to offer, and that difference should most definitely be any kind of gimmick. It'll give you brief success maybe, but the rest of your career will be forever blighted by it. Josh Savage was born in England but spent his formative years living in Paris. He's a bloke, he's got an acoustic guitar and he's written some tunes. Anything to shout about? Well, maybe not shout, but certainly talk. Important point one; no gimmicks, important point two; decent songs, important point three; he's not trying to sound like a certain million selling British nu-folk troupe.

The songs on 'Mountains In Hurricanes' don't contain much more than the guitar and voice, but occasional decoration is used and this pared-down approach suits him. The brass and the backing vocals on 'Figure It Out' for example, or the understated strings on the title-track. As an EP it's all very conventional, so don't expect your mind to be blown to to fall madly in love with these songs. They're good for sure and Josh Savage is a cut above most in this field (and that's a LOT of blokes with guitars). When he does stretch things towards a more epic sound on 'Take Off Your Shackles' you realise that other options are open to him if he chooses to take them. But for now, 'Mountains In Hurricanes' will do just fine.

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