Thursday 21 March 2013

Silas Fermoy - Lights Burn Bright

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It's not uncommon for musicians to travel to pursue their ambitions and certain cities are thriving hotspots for activity. In the England it's London that attracts people the most, in the US it's various locations in California or Portland if you're on the west coast, or the New York area if you're on the east. Joshua Mash must know the vibes of these places better than most. Originally from London, he moved to California and then to New York where he formed Silas Fermoy with Jordan Brower and Sam Ellner. On April 9th the band release their debut EP 'Chapters', six songs that take in a wide range of influences.

They cite Bob Marley, Radiohead, Beirut and Little Dragon, which sounds like it would make for a strange tasting musical cocktail, but in reality the fact that Silay Fermoy can write pop hooks with a commercial edge makes this mix turn out a whole lot better. Single 'Lights Burn Bright' could be described as indie/rock, but sure enough you get the twang of reggae peeping through and the energy of Little Dragon making this a track that you can dance to as well. From travelling to multiple locations with a multitude of influences Silas Fermoy have created multi-purpose music.

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