Friday, 15 March 2013

David Bronson - Watch The Sun (October Reprise)

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Harmonies. They've been bolted on to just about everything since the popularity of US alt-rock bands with animal-based names a few years ago. You struggle to find a folk, psychedelia, country, rock, indie or dreampop band that hasn't gone for the full-on realm of heavenly angels appearing as backing to the chorus or to give a nice introduction/epic ending. Is it time we got rid of the damn things for a while and just make do with one voice singing a line that many would choose an entire choir for? Well we could do, and it might make for a refreshing change. But if we did then we'd be missing out on things like this wonderful song from New York's David Bronson.

Taken from his recent album 'Story', 'Watch The Sun (October Reprise)' was purpose built to accommodate multiple voices singing in tune. It's all very floaty and up in the clouds but it's these attributes that give it an undeniable beauty. Having one solitary voice taking care of business here would result in a good song. Add a few more and it actually feels as though you're basking in the sun, it brings a whole other warmth and an element of mystery to the track. So we may have overdosed on harmonies of late, but it's worth staying with them for a little bit longer to give this track a decent listen. Make sure you've got your factor 25 on.

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