Monday 25 March 2013

Volenté - Broken Promises

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With the whole dubstep/bass culture movement now so fractured and bickering amongst itself, it'll be curious to see what its lasting legacy will be beyond a few metal and electro bands adding bass "womps" to their tracks and a nice identikit remix to act as the B-side to every pop single released for the next couple of years. Welsh artist Volenté has absorbed some of its influence on her new single 'Broken Promises' which is essentially a mixture of pop and drum and bass, although if you were to strip the song down to its vocals and strings, leaving the bass and the beat behind, the tempo and the atmosphere is closer to dreampop than anything else, which makes this track an unusual splicing of genres.

It's backed by two similarly innovative pieces which again could be remixed into dreampop tracks or, in the case of 'End Of Time' a harsh electro-rock track, maybe akin to The Death Set or even Crystal Castles. The vocals are pure and clean, almost angelic, which adds even more contrast, and then more again when the beat changes to something lifted straight from 20 years ago. It's a meandering and interesting piece that wants to try everything and does so with success. 'So Many Times' slows everything down, even starting as an acoustic number before dabbling in trip-hop and those vocals soar again, recalling Elizabeth Fraser. Volenté: jack of all trades, master of... well, most of them really.

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