Saturday 23 March 2013

The Lost Souls Club - High Noon

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With an EP title like 'High Noon' you may expect this Southampton band to have a country influence, or maybe follow in the line of dirty American blues-rock bands. Well, to a point they do, The Lost Souls Club do sound like they could be straight out of Texas and there is a distinct dirty and bluesy sound going on here, but it's more in line with fuzz-rock bands like Crocodiles and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, both stars of the US alternative rock scene. It gets a little more confusing when you remember that those two bands both borrow heavily from legendary Scots The Jesus & Mary Chain. Such is the tangled web of music, ignoring those kind of facts, this EP is bristling with life and energy and any of the aforementioned bands would be happy enough to put their name to these five songs.

That said, unless this particular brand of rock ticks any of your boxes, you'll be out of luck. Each song is noticeably different, but they don't break from the blueprint very much. Curiously it's opener 'Romeo' which offers the only mild deviation, and although it sounds absolutely huge, it's possibly the worst track here (although calling it "worst" implies that it's bad, it's most certainly not). 'The opening riff and screech of 'Kiss Away The Sun' is immediately appealing and even recalls those other great fuzz-merchants, The Raveonettes. There's a heaviness employed on 'Shoot Me Down' that gives these guys more of an individual identity, but to be honest when you've got songs as good as the electric 'We're All Gonna Die Anyway' then sounding a bit like other decent bands isn't a problem at all.

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