Thursday 28 March 2013

The Phoenix Foundation - The Captain

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Synth-pop is continuing to rule the roost in the alternative music world in its many forms. From noise-pop, brain-pummelling instrument-wrecking terrorists to floaty and gentle alt-pop like this new single from The Phoenix Foundation, it's surely the widest ranging genre going. The New Zealanders are in the very capable hands of Memphis Industries in the UK and will release a new album, 'Fandango', at the end of April. For now though, we get to enjoy the lazy, sunshine-pop of new single 'The Captain'.

This is more high-calibre pop that should be gobbling up the charts but isn't because the rest of the world is wrong and we're right. One day they'll realise and this track will be on heavy rotation on radio stations around the world for the whole of the summer, which will be hot sunshine every single day. We might be dreaming, but this is a dreamy track so I think we have every right to retreat to our bubble now and then before the harsh reality that Mumford & Sons are headlining Glastonbury hits us again.

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