Thursday 28 March 2013

Dandan - Satan EP

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Stockholm indie/pop band Dandan are misleading us slightly by calling this new EP 'Satan'. You'd be within your rights to expect something dark, possibly even that they were a metal band (metal bands still love that kind of imagery, come on guys, it's 2013, not 1980). There is a mild punky edge to opening track 'Swimmers' but it doesn't last. Arguably the finest song on the EP is a prime piece of jangly guitar-pop called 'Men Of Drugs And Oscar Wilde', which is injected with plenty of that Nordic melody and catchy hooks, it's very retro, but unlike that cliched metal imagery it doesn't feel out of date, it's still fresh and appealing.

You wonder if we're about to enter the realms of gloom and fear on the title-track, and to be honest the lyrics to sound like those of despair, or at least uncertainty, but there are as many mentions of Heaven as Satan and the song is walls-of-guitar indie that slowly builds until we have a mini-epic on our hands without even realising it. Dandan stealthily spring it upon us in an unsuspecting way, the sly bunch. Finally 'Hanna' is nostalgic and harmony-driven indiepop in the tradition of many of their fellow countrymen. And before we know it we have yet another decent Swedish bands on our hands. Maybe the devil does have the best tunes after all.

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