Sunday 17 March 2013

Enerate - Unstoppable

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And here we have further proof that the baking Australian summer has got to people's heads and started them uncontrollably making sublime alternative pop music. In fact Enerate have gone so potty as to describe their music as "acoustic synthpop". How the heck does that work then? Going on new single 'Unstoppable' it doesn't really. This song is totally synth-pop that sounds as though it was made by buggering about with old computer parts as well as your regular instruments. The video looks like a massive party too, so we're not at all jealous of that.

If you wanted to file this song away somewhere then it could slip comfortably into your dreampop folder, but calling electro-pop will do just fine too. 'Unstoppable' isn't too far away from the squiggly, euphoric noises that Passion Pit have been known to make. The production is unusual and that's a good thing. It sounds as though the production desk was positioned on a beach and the producer worked on the track while playing in an old Game Boy. So it's a bit of an odd one, but lovable all the same.

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