Sunday 17 March 2013

Letters To Fiesta - Mesosphere

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Many times recently we've mentioned the more experimental, more interesting and generally less brain-burningly awful pop music that's crossing over from Europe. Bands like Niki & The Dove, Keep Shelley In Athens, Lykki Li and so on are of a far higher calibre to most of what passes for a top 10 hit at the moment. The sad fact is that although these bands are much better, they're failing to shift the trash. Still, at least we have them there for pop music fans with correctly functioning ears. Manchester-based band Letters To Fiesta could be added to that list of good pop acts, and they're one of ours.

New single 'Mesosphere' is quality alt-pop that spreads out its tentacles and picks pieces from all across the spectrum of music, combining them into the kind of songs that should be holding court in the upper echelons of both the sales charts and the public consciousness. This isn't niche music; it's not thrash metal, dubstep, shoegaze or bluegrass. This is pop and it's great. B-side 'Statuettes' only reinforces this point by toning things down to little more than the basics, but it's still pop (and a little bit like Kate Bush). So why aren't the press covering bands like this? Either there's a conspiracy going on (well, a few if you look into the way major labels interact with major radio stations and magazines) or they simply don't know a good tune when it slaps them round the face.

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