Saturday 30 March 2013

iamforest - Driven Out EP

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Following a recent free download, Vancouver artist iamforest brings us a new name-your-price EP. We described his track 'Stuctures' as possibly being where chillwave goes next, and again on these three songs he gives the whole chilled, ambient thing a good slap around the face to wake it up and stop it from being so damn lazy and predictable. This probably isn't where chillwave goes next, it'll probably keep on as it is until the world loses interest. The 'Driven Out' EP is electronic dreampop, and it sounds all the better for it, keeping that summery sound but giving it more balls.

The title-track is still ambient for sure, but those lush textures sound more vibrant thanks to great swooshes of synth and a stronger beat. As its name implies, 'Goliath' is more of a monster, making use of an even bigger beat and a prominent bassline; it's getting close to becoming shoegaze but has too much of Balearic vibe going on for that, meaning its closer in spirit to chillout music of old, only hauled into the present. Finally 'Versions' bleeps its way into being, twinkling like the sun shining off the ocean. If you're still feeling the chill of winter then 'Driven Out' makes a good tonic for that.

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