Sunday 17 March 2013

Nicole Atkins - Red Ropes

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It's been a little tricky to figure out exactly what's going on with Nicole Atkins, but this might just be our picky nature. It's fair to say that she refuses to pick a style and run with it; her music thus far has reminded us of some greats like Phil Spector and Blondie, but also some very average female solo artists. Really we should appreciate the fact that she refuses to be pinned down, but it can make buying her records a bit of a lucky dip if you don't hear them first. Your best bet, should you like the single we're featuring here, is to head out and catch her on tour supporting Eels this month. It should give you a better idea of what to expect of her forthcoming new album.

The record's first single is a good one though, so we have reason to be optimistic (or if your tastes are at odds with ours, maybe you'll be pessimistic?). 'Red Ropes' is dark pop mixed with alt-rock, a trick she's used before with success. There's an almost countryish feel to the song's style, if not necessarily its sound. Her voice carries it, as ever, and you could maybe position the track somewhere between PJ Harvey and Florence & The Machine, something that will do her profile no harm whatsoever, as although there are similarities there's a distinct identity too. More of the same would do just fine.

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Catch her live:

March 17 Manchester, UK, Manchester Academy
March 18 Glasgow, UK, O2 Academy
March 19 Leeds UK, O2 Academy
March 20 London, UK, Slaughtered Lamb*
March 21 London,  UK, O2 Academy Brixton
March 23 Bournemouth, UK, O2 Academy
March 25 Brighton, UK, Dome
March 26 Norwich, UK, UEA
March 27 Nottingham, UK, Rock City
March 29 Bristol, UK, O2 Academy
March 30 Birmingham, UK ,O2 Academy
*Solo Show

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  1. I love that Nicole Atkins is a mixed bag; making music that you want to make and not being pushed in one direction only, is what keeps music alive and interesting. More artists should take a leaf out of Nicole Atkins' book... It helps also that she is very good at it.