Sunday 17 March 2013

Band To Check Out: My Electric Sky

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Once more the worlds of indie and electronica get it on and make sweet music together. My Electric Sky are a duo who are so new they're still warm from coming fresh out of the oven. They've put their minds together to create and record a handful of tunes, a few of which they've made available to stream online, and are now looking to get the word out with the ultimate goal of a debut release. We're guessing by the amount they've crafted so far that this would come in the form of an EP, but there are no concrete plans yet, so it's just a case of wait and see. In the mean time we can have a listen and get accustomed to their varied style of indie/electro/pop.

First off there's 'Love & Numbers' which shows the dancier side to what they do, in fact it's only when the vocals come in that this song softens down and broadens its appeal, the rest is more coarse electronica. There's a clear pop aspect to what they do too, and this is evidenced very well on 'Last Great Escape', a track that's closer to the indie/electro-pop crossover music that most will be used to. It sounds not dissimilar to The Postal Service (yes, them again). The pick of the bunch might just be 'Remind Me I'm Not Dying' which takes the format they use for 'Last Great Escape' and add extra bite. It's early days and they're not in a field of their own but with ideas in abundance who knows where they might end up.

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