Wednesday 27 March 2013

Ajimal - This Human Joy

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Some music is just good regardless of personal taste and it's quite possible that this new single from Ajimal may fall into that category. The idea was for Newcastle musician Fran O'Hanlon to collaborate with different musicians and piece together an album. This became a partial concept mini-album involving over 50 guests and is set to be released this summer. It's difficult to know yet whether the style will vary a lot, but after hearing first offering 'This Human Joy' we're kind of hoping for more of the same, as this is an intricate, subtle and quite beautiful track.

The vocals alone catch your attention, in a similar way to those of someone like Antony Hegarty, and the music is a mixture of baroque, classical, pop and more. Built on a bed of piano, the orchestration and arrangements here are stunningly pretty, the perfect foil to that voice. As a song it's an interesting piece too, seeming to just unravel rather than follow a particular path. It feels very spontaneous although it's easy to believe that hours could have been spent getting things just right. However much work was put in, this still feels effortless and really quite majestic.

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