Friday 22 March 2013

Rozwell Kid - Unmacho

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The idea for Rozwell Kid was conceived by Demon Beat drummer Jordan Hudkins who gathered together some like-minded musicians to create what should really be called grunge or college rock. The music they make very much fits into that time period but stays at the fun end of things instead of those awfully earnest and gruff bands that sprung up around the same time (Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots). As such, 'Unmacho' is full of noise that you'll already know inside out, yet is both fun and fresh sounding. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and this is some superb imitation, not of a particular group, but of a particular era.

If you often find it difficult to judge an album or prefer to hear the whole thing before parting with your cash then 'Unmacho' may be an exception to the rule. Listen to two or three songs, any two or three, no particular tracks, and if you like them then you'll like the album. Instant turn-off? Give it a miss. There's not a whole lot of variation going on here but there doesn't need to be. This is the sound of punk being deformed slightly by the US groups of the early 1990s and if that sounds like your thing you'll love 'Unmacho'. This isn't to say there are no highlights or that the album is monotonous, indeed it's quite an accomplishment that they manage to keep interest levels high throughout.

The thrashing 'Van Man' is a highlight and is followed by another in 'Lipstick'; there's no separate genre but just enough contrast to clearly note they're displaying a different sound. So this album doesn't become a blur of identically sounding tracks, they do stand apart and are easily separated despite being variations on the same theme. The title-track follows those two tunes and again couldn't be confused with them. That's pretty much the story of Rozwell Kid. There's no Billboard-topping future ahead of them (unless drastic changes are made) and that matters not. 'Unmacho' is noisy and fun and the combination of those to attributes mean it gets a thumbs up from us.

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