Sunday 10 March 2013

The Irrepressibles - Two Men In Love

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It's not often you get a song that's so clearly celebrates the love between two men. Too often gay references are hidden, maybe for fear of isolating a potential audience, but really this shouldn't be the case, and The Irrepressibles know this all too well. Taken from their forthcoming album 'Nude', the totally non-ambivalent stance to this takes any possible misinterpretations that have been a part of the pop world for so long (Bowie, Suede, Scissor Sisters) and goes all out with this splendidly arranged piece of orchestral pop balladry. Really this is as touching as any other love songs out there, if not more so.

Released, appropriately, on Valentine's day (our bad for the delay), this song builds from a gentle Antony & The Johnsons-style piano ballad (and the singing voices are similar too) and builds this song to be both stark and heartwarming at the same time; it's a strange conflict of emotion. As the piano becomes more prevalent so do those stunning vocals until strings are brought in for a sweeping second half to this song, giving not just the feel of a baroque piece, but a full-on orchestral culmination that takes orchestral pop to a whole new level.

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