Sunday 10 March 2013

Athletes In Paris - Borrowed Time

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It's been a few years since the press furore about English (and it was specifically English, not other parts of the UK) bands singing in their own accents. Arctic Moneys kicked it off but then unless you were from the London area or Sheffield then it didn't seem to progress much further and was soon forgotten about. It seems odd that praise should be given for singing in your own voice, but given decades of mid-Atlantic accented pop it's maybe no surprise. Athletes In Paris sing in their native accent, and it ain't French. One thing we have noticed recently, is the predominance of the north eastern accent being used by bands from that area.

Of course there are variants depending on exactly which area, but let's not go there. The debut single from Athletes In Paris shows them proudly using their own, unaffected voices to create an indie dancefloor hit-in-waiting. 'Borrowed Time' gives us plenty of handclaps, plenty of sharp guitar bursts, voices singing in unison and a dose of funk to go with it. We often talk about crossover potential, and before any real guitar revival can take place it's bands like Athletes In Paris that need to steadily infiltrate the mainstream by mixing pop, dance and indie together. You could say they're a gateway band to get you on to the harder stuff, so let's hope they manage to keep the gate open for a while.

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