Sunday 7 April 2013

Love Dance - Safe Sounds

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When you receive a song that bills itself as "a conventional, non-provocative, straightforward pop song" the temptation is to hit the delete button before even giving it a listen. Or maybe buy it for you Gran as an introduction to this newfangled pop craze. But wait, what if they're pulling our legs, what if this is the future of cutting edge music hidden behind a false facade. There was no choice, we had to give it a go. And the results are in. It is... *drumroll*... neither really. It's definitely not offensive and is definitely not the future of pop or unlike anything you will have already heard.

You know what though? 'Safe Sounds' is a great indie/pop song. No it's not confrontational, but then how many good songs actually are confrontational? Probably a low percentage. No, this is a highly likable guitar tune with something of late '80s, early '90s indie about it. It's quite straightforward in that it brings nothing new to the table, but writing good songs isn't always a straightforward process. So, however we look at it, the press blurb had us duped in more ways than one. We got a good song out of it though, so I guess that means that everyone wins. Not that it was a confrontation of course.

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