Thursday 10 January 2013


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We've been banging on quite a bit about couples forming duos in the indie/alternative world in the past couple of years. SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) are a family couple of a different variety. Dean Garcia may be known to some for his production and collaboration work with artists such as Eurythmics, Tom Petty and Sinead O'Connor, but more fondly known as being a member of underrated indie/electro types Curve who made some stellar records in the early 90s. He began SPC ECO in 2007 with his daughter Rose Berlin taking care of vocals and lyrics, and they've released a handful of EPs since. The latest of those being 'Push', half a dozen tracks that feature three originals and three remixes.

If we take the title-track it almost sounds as though it'a about to break into 'Kids In America' at the start, before crunching synthetic beats and electronic throbs take it nearer to the music Curve were creating a couple of decades back. Rose Berlin isn't here as a family favour, that's for sure. Her hushed tones are well suited to these space/drone/electro/indie sounds and the washes of noise create a luscious effect. Of the other two originals, 'Talk Him Down' delves into early Massive Attack and the Bristol scene; downbeat, dubby, bass-heavy and a touch trippy. 'Escape From Earth' could be made for a sci-fi sequence, especially the ambient, horizonless beginning. It's as if we need vocals to join in to get our bearings again. The 'Push' EP is varied, challenging and creates a mood, an enchanting one at that.

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