Thursday 31 January 2013

My Grey Horse - Stop Before The Dry River EP

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Now if an EP called 'Stop Before The Dry River' by a band called My Grey Horse doesn't sound like it's going to be Americana/alt-country then I don't know what does. Mind you, this likelihood is downgraded with the discovery that they're actually from Stratford-Upon-Avon. Warwickshire is a long way from Arizona, but that hasn't stopped others in the past. In reality there is just a pinch of US acoustic/semi-acoustic rock to be found on this new EP, but just as much from the UK's alt-folk and indie scenes. It's still "proper" music made with real instruments and all that, so I guess a common ground is shared.

A nice variety is found in this quartet of songs too. Single 'Need Wood' is, as you may expect, the most upbeat and nicely fits the description of uptempo alternative rock; it's a good track. Perhaps 'Big Night' is better, and certainly another single contender, as they play around with the structure a little more and even add some electronics. The result is less routine and adds identity to a band making similar music to so many others. They opt for heavier use of electric guitar on 'Last Chance' and while it's as close as they come to generic British indie it's still a worthwhile listen. That lyrically dark acoustic number you were always expecting appears at the end. 'Catch Up' is a well written track so any fears of regular singer-songwriter fodder can be discarded and a decent EP is completed in a suitable fashion.

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