Saturday 26 January 2013

Fyfe - Solace

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London musician Fyfe will be putting out his debut EP in March and as a forerunner to that has put his first track 'Solace' online to begin spreading the word, if indeed the word is worth spreading. That will be for the record buying public to decide, but first for us half-baked music writers to try to determine, thinking we're all cool trend-setters and stuff like that (we don't by the way, we just like to shout about records we like). To be quite honest 'Solace' instantly feels like it's going to be a mixed bag; the opening bars show some great promise but also the kind of muso sleekness that can be horribly off-putting.

Fyfe is a very good singer and in the first segment of this song it feels as though he's trying to ram this fact down our throat. It's accompanied by a poppy, trip-hop style backing which balances things out. When the chorus breaks out his vocal is joined by a choir of (what sounds like) artificial voices. This is the point where it all comes together and you get what the song is all about. His voice works much better when ordained that bit more; it prevents the song from becoming an X-Factor-style singing showcase and turns it into a decent track. This half-baked writer thinks the public and most of the critics will like.

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