Thursday 24 January 2013

Piatcions - Heaven's Sins EP

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If it wasn't for their bonkers orange-skinned political mentalist/pervert and even-more-buggered-than-ours economy it might be a good move emigrating to Italy for a while. We've been inundated with many top-notch bands from the musically unsung (barring opera) country for a while now. Here's another impressive act to add to the list: Piatcions. New to us but firmly established already with a few releases to their name including a debut album, they will have already left their mark on a good few psych/drone/shoegaze fans, and new EP 'Heaven's Sins' will hopefully reel in a few more.

Clearly taking their lead from the garage and psychedelia originators of the 60s as well as the next psych generation who turned on the drones and amped up the fuzz, 'Heaven's Sins' is a noisy and reverberating guitar tune with a thumping, almost tribal beat and vocals that are straining to be heard above the din. It's a prime piece of modern psych/shoegaze. Backing it up are 'Heaven's Sins Again' which breaks the sounds down to a trippy drone courtesy of Goitia Deitz on synths and some more subtle screeching overlapping the hypnotic base. 'Reel Loop (Atom Eye Remix)' slows things down further, to more of an ambient level. It's the musical equivalent of storm clouds gathering. Definitely worth backtracking the previous work by these guys.

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'Heaven's Sins' EP will be available from February 10th on Fuzz Club Records

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