Sunday 13 January 2013

Dead Young Friends - Going Away From Me/Weak

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Based, like so many others, in New York, Dead Young Friends came into being thanks to multi-instrumentalist and producer Jorge Strofer. Being raised in the Dominican Republic his musical upbringing may have been a bit different to your average east-coast US kid. That said, he pinpoints hearing Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' at aged just 4 as the point when the spark inside his head was lit. Strofer began to make his mark in his homeland during his teenage years, forming the band Sonics (their name a tribute to Sonic Youth, not the 60s garage band) before moving to America to continue his studies.

After a couple of years, Stofer released the first Dead Young Friends album in early 2012. He still cites classic rock as an influence, along with 80s indie and shoegaze bands. A second album is planned for the first half of this year, its influences ranging from Dylan and Springsteen to Television and Joy Division. Its first single 'Getting Away From Me' perfectly balances the mainstream and the alternative, being classy but dignified and self-controlled with it. B-side 'Weak' proves it's no one-off. Two fine tracks from an exciting and refreshingly natural talent.

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