Monday 28 January 2013

Au.Ra - Morning

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It seems like only a few weeks ago that Australian duo Au.Ra were in their infancy, a very promising one at that and... hang on, it was! We featured their first track, the free download 'Sun' at the start of December and their second, 'Jane's Lament', exactly a month ago. This pair from Sydney have bypassed even the stage of learning to walk before you can crawl, they've literally hit the ground running. Now we get their first proper release which is being put out by Art Is Hard Records in an interesting new format: the postcard. That's right, Au' Ra's new single is being released as a postcard, but if your postcard player is on the blink then don't worry because they'll chuck in a download with it.

Jokes aside, it is nice to get a bit of product for your money, and realistically most people who buy something on vinyl will just download the MP3 and play it digitally anyway, so this seems like a good idea to us. The song is their best so far too. Whether they've just been teasing us with a pair of very accomplished free tunes to lure us in we'll find out sooner or later. But 'Morning' feels like a leap forward, It still sounds like sunshine, it's a drone but a melodic one, the vocals are smothered, dreamlike in the production and everything gives of the warm glow of distortion. We can't wait to see what they surprise us with next.

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