Wednesday 30 January 2013

Great Heat - Laid Bare

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Now it's a big old place is London. Yet how often do you hear of a band who are based in Battersea? The only musical connection we can think of is that Pink Floyd album cover, although apparently there's a new artistic commune situated there (that all sounds very hippyish, but it's probably not, it's more likely making use of a long deserted building, maybe with the aid of some grant funding, but we're just guessing). The first musical fruits we've heard from this new location come to us from Great Heat, a quartet who are on the verge of releasing their first single.

That single, 'Laid Bare' has a sound that stretches back through generations of British guitar bands, right back to the 1960s. You can hear the tail-end of the beat group movement as they turned to blues and psychedelia to spread their musical horizons; you can hear the simplistic concentrate-on-the-tune aesthetic of punk, there's no showing-off or needless musical additions; and you can also hear the 90s guitar revival. We won't call it Britpop because it's not that sound. There's a tinge of psychedelia and a touch of garage-rock, all adding up to a song that continues the UK's long history of gangs of guys making tunes with guitars.

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