Sunday 20 January 2013

The Hot Dark - In Retrospect

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As an example of how bands can grow and develop then look no further than San Francisco's The Hot Dark. They began as a studio-based duo called Descendants of Prospectors (which in that part of the world they may well be) but gradually acquired members and are now a six-piece "post-new-wave sax-rock dance band". Recently the group's name was changed and an EP was recorded; all of the tracks can be downloaded for free from SoundCloud. It's safe to say that the strange description the band have given themselves is pretty much bang on, except they missed out "with copious amounts of flute" from the end.

'In Retrospect' is a fun and inventive tune that makes use of the gang of members that they've now become. It's catchy and it's individual and comparisons aren't easy. This funky alt-pop/indie number comes with a film comprised of badly-shot home video footage which can be a bit painful on the eyes on occasion, but it's good fun seeing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle being pursued and attacked by a gang of small children. With the new line-up and the new name it looks like The Hot Dark could develop further and end up becoming a genuinely intriguing prospect.

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