Monday 21 January 2013

Wishing Trees - Footprints

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'Footprints' is the debut release from London duo Wishing Trees, a pair who, if their influences list is to be believed, are big fans of 90s indie/alternative bands (Suede, Radiohead, Mew, The Verve... um, Travis) and this partly shines through in their music. They're guitar-based for sure, but as far as those references go we'd have to say they're closer to 'The Bends' era Radiohead (the more acoustic tracks such as 'Fake Plastic Trees') and some of those great early B-sides that Suede threw out before they went naff. Their sound is acoustic and gentle, not the balls-out indie of The Verve or Suede's more famous hits.

Although they've chosen 'Footprints' as the lead track here, the honour could really have gone to either song and maybe this would be better considered a double A-side. 'Footprints' is a fairly simple guitar song, but add some twinkles courtesy of Mew and it becomes a little more magical, especially when they allow electric guitar to take over for the mid section. 'Delicate Morning' is instantly that bit more beautiful, maybe thanks to its airy, sun-drenched feel; Nick Drake is the first name that springs to mind and that can surely be no bad thing. Thoughtful and introspective but a pleasant listen with it.

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