Friday 18 January 2013

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Bag Of Bones

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Now it could just be us, but did The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's most recent album slip slightly more under the radar than most of their work? 'Meat & Bone' was released in September but we're only just hearing about it now, so maybe we're a bit out of touch, or maybe the supposed downturn in guitar music has affected their publicity. The latter seems unlikely as, apparently, sales of "rock" music increased last year, and if one type of guitar band has maintained popularity through the recent lull then it's been modern blues. People still bang on about everything Jack White does as though he's just discovered penicillin and acts like The Black Keys have seen a surge in popularity. So that's sorted then; we're out of touch.

Of course these guys have been making their righteous racket since before many current bands were born. They haven't mellowed and they've not really changed the formula too much lately if new single 'Bag Of Bones' is to be used as a barometer of their current sound. Harmonica intermittently wails, guitars riff and crunch simultaneously, Spencer sings like the meathead older brother of Lux Interior and the song is generally unusual and if it were a person you wouldn't want to leave it babysitting the kids while you popped down the supermarket. So pretty much business as usual for the Blues Explosion then.

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