Thursday 24 January 2013

Band To Check Out: Gaps

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As always, there's plenty of good new music being born from the sea air of Brighton. The English south coast's most prosperous musical city has offered up another fledgling band here in Gaps. Their music is built from "seagulls, a guitar, laptops and red wine" which is certainly a change from your traditional guitar, bass, drums set up. Really what Gaps are doing fits somewhere alongside dreampop and chillwave, but where many of the other groups dealing in similar sounds are inspired by Malibu or Santa Monica, the far more exotic location of Brighton beach fuels these sun-bleached, chilled electronic soundscapes (the cheque's in the post right, Brighton Tourist Board?).

They've already got some ace tracks laid down. The acoustic vibes of 'The Void' are an instant highlight, blending in the more British sounds of folktronica with their tropical flavours. Brand spanking new track 'When I'm Gone' is all distant, hazy vocals and shimmering production, as if Phil Spector had invented ambient music back in the early 1960s by accidentally playing one of his 45s at 33 by mistake and then overdubbing the voice. It might be early doors for Gaps at the moment, but ironically their music is lush rather than the sparseness suggested by their name and they already have some songs to be envious of.

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