Thursday 31 January 2013

Echotape - Far From Heaven

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It was me personally who reviewed Echotape's double A-side single 'Spinning'/'Awakening' back in September, and I admitted surprise that record label mogul Seymour Stein was such a fan of the band. I also questioned their direction. 'Awakening' didn't impress, it was generic indie of the kind that the world is sadly crawling with. Overproduced and lacking substance. 'Spinning' on the other hand, was a total triumph, a pumping psychedelic monster loaded with promise. I summed up this offering by stating that it would be the subsequent releases that showed us what Echotape were really made of.

Having one new song hardly makes it crunch time, that will be when the album arrives, but new single 'Far From Heaven' gives us a better idea, and thankfully it's a winner. This is still commercial indie music, it still wants to sell loads and fill arenas but it does so with some gusto. It's not quite as mighty as 'Spinning' but it's on the right path. These guys are giving it their all here and it feels like it, this isn't a weak facsimile of stadium indie, this has the potential to reach that level on its own merits. Fans of lo-fi need not listen to the track below, fans of grand ambition and music with balls should give it a go.

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'Far From Heaven' will be released on March 4th

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