Friday 25 January 2013

Chris Warner - Temporary Fix

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Do you like slightly psychedelic blues-rock with plenty of cowbell and percussion action? Then step right this way. Leicester's Chris Warner is probably not an overly familiar name to those outside his local area, but his career has seen him land supports with the good and great (and some of the bad, but still big) of the music world including Supergrass, Macy Gray, Keane and Biffy Clyro amongst others. His talent has clearly been noted before. In December he released his latest EP, and second of 2012, called 'Temporary Fix'. Here he offers up the video for the title track for us to share with you and presumably cast a critcal ear over, as if we know what the hell we're on about.

Here goes then. Taking a lead from early 70s rock, 'Temporary Fix' makes use of a decent riff and some classic percussion and prevents itself from getting bogged down in that often bloated scene with the use of some shades of light and bothering to stick a tune in too. There are some neat and unexpected additions as well, such as bursts of strings, which help to modernise things and give that likable psych edge. In short it's stopped from being too straight laced, especially towards the end. It's an oddly jubilant little number too, the fix may be temporary and things may not be perfect, but by God, let's celebrate anyway. Our thoughts exactly.

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