Tuesday 29 January 2013

Band To Check Out: PYYRAMIDS

Article by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

We've been banging on about the proliferation of duos bursting onto the new music scene of late, particularly in America. So let us introduce you to LA pair PYYRAMIDS who are currently sorting schedules and making the final preparations for the launch of their debut album 'Brightest Darkest Day' on April 15, along with the UK tour they have planned to coincide with it. Now if you know your alternative music then you might just recognise the two faces in that photo there, for although PYYRAMIDS is a new project, Drea Smith may be known to some for her work with electro-pop outfit He Say/She Say, and Tim Nordwind you will all have seen pissing about on treadmills with his other band OK Go, minus the bushy facial growth. So internationally renowned indie band meets electro-pop goddess then, and the results are a perfect marriage of the two worlds.

Smith's sultry vocals take the lead over some dirty, distorted bass and guitar on impressive new track 'Do You Think You're Enough?' which takes indie-rock as a canvas to fling around some different ideas on. You can pick out elements of rock, dub, blues, soul, electro and even hip-hop; it's a real anything-goes approach with the firm intent of ending up with a solid tune at the end of it all. 'Don't Go' could be a cover of something from Tricky's 'Maxinquaye' album, and that's a definite compliment. The mysterious dark clouds of 'Smoke & Mirrors' also recall Bristol's trip-hop scene with their genre-mashing ideas. It'll be fun to play "spot the references" when reviews of the album begin to appear, PYYRAMIDS could be harder to pin down than a paper bag in a hurricane.

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