Monday 28 January 2013

Hearts & Souls - The Use Of Living EP

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As promised with their recent single 'England's Coldest Waves', West-Yorkshire trio Hearts & Souls have given us their debut EP which is free to download from SoundCloud but also very reasonably priced via their website on CD for anyone who finds digital music a bit cold. As we mentioned, the EP itself was looking like being a wintry and cold affair with that nighttime cover and the single's video being filmed on a chilly and windswept beach. We're possibly guilty of jumping to conclusions here though, because despite the release date and the imagery this EP glows warmly, just like the light emanating from those windows. 'England's Coldest Waves' is still the beautiful piece of descriptive indie/folk that it was a few weeks ago, but this is no one dimensional band.

Hearts & Souls never detour too far away from their natural sound, this could result in a mess; however 'Liquidlung' is part angry rock and part indiepop, still hanging on to their own personality and not relying on imitation. It's a powerful song with it, showing they're no weedy indie-folk types. They go even heavier on 'Airwaves' but those vocals and wonderful lyrical style ensure you'd never get them mixed up. Although musically we're some way from the opening track, it still sounds great. The ringing guitars of 'Death And Other Subjects' suggests further that the band want to venture down a variety of avenues, and highlight 'Western Avenue' follows suit. Another standout is found in 'Pulling Teeth', a track whose anger shows the ambition these guys have. As decent debut outings go, this certainly is one.

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