Tuesday 22 January 2013

New Rose - Case Sensitivity

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Swedish trio New Rose first released their album 'Tracklist Within' back in 2011 but it's an excellent decision to keep up the publicity campaign for it with single 'Case Sensitivity', otherwise we may have missed out on what is a cracker of a song. We'll hazard a guess at them naming themselves after the song by The Damned and the similarity doesn't quite end there. While you couldn't call 'Case Sensitivity' a punk track per se, it's definitely influenced by short sharp guitar songs of that nature, but here they add an awesome powerpop slant on things.

Not only has somebody finally written a song about caps lock (the bane of my life) but they've done so with the guitar-pop force of early The Who, the jangle and catchiness of the best that Big Star had to offer and a killer, driving bassline and splendid melody throughout. From an album we'd never heard of by a band we'd never heard of comes this peach of a song, reminding you just what hidden treasures are out there to be discovered and also making it worthwhile trawling through a million songs a day just to find a golden nugget like this.

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