Friday 25 January 2013

Reuben Hollebon - Clutch

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We've had our eye on Norfolk singer-songwriter Reuben Hollebon since hearing the ace and a little bit quirky single 'Breaking Plastic' back in November. This was our first taste of the 'Clutch' mini-album which was released in December. 'Breaking Plastic' was the song that opened the record, and new single and title-track 'Clutch' is its closing moment. This time we also get a video, one that shows Reuben singing in front of a screen projected with what appears to be old black and white footage of a church festival, possibly for May Day, along with more Cine film of a day out at the funfair.

These joyous occasions of days gone by are a stark contrast to what is a more world-weary song, one that is steeped in sadness as the lyrics talk of "feeling weak" and the voice begins to crack and falter a little, adding an extra realism and emotion to the song. What it lacks in cheerful pop thrills it makes up for in raw feelings on display and a level of pathos that few singers can capture quite as well. You won't be hearing it on daytime radio any time soon, but thanks to genuine talent like this the underground music world will always have rich and varied corners to explore.

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